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We are a team of cognoscenti who share a love of language and are writing aficionados. Our team is made up of linguists, editors, researchers, and project and content managers. In 2009 our team came together, in spite of time-zone differences, to create Metalingual for Linguistic Solutions and Services. Our status as subject-matter experts and our philosophy of linguistic excellence and cultural sensitivity are what make us a leading Arabic translation and content services provider.
We received our first commission, a legal translation project, one hour after we launched our first website. Since that day we have striven to be true to our philosophy and differentia: first, to deliver exceptional translational and content services that are reliable, research-based, custom-tailored, and culturally sensitive works. Second, to follow the latest and best industry practices in project management and publishing, using only the best in supporting technology.
Our partners and clients testify to the focused and friendly customer-first care we provide them with. With a portfolio featuring some of the world’s most prestigious universities and publishers, international organizations and media, we are here to be your trusted partner in all things Arabic.


Why Metalingual

Because bad translation has serious consequences in a globalized world. In a world in which readership and markets are increasingly global, a bad decision related to your content can mean a loss in market share, in publicity or in readership expansion. The mishandling of your message in a different language –even something a small as a tweet– can cause misrepresentation or embarrassment.

Are you looking for linguistic services that couple exceptional translational and editorial services with multi-step quality control and customer service?

Metalingual is the right place. Contact us now!




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